Wednesday, August 12, 2009

adoi la..

updates for last week and this week:

1) Didirinie went to KL. i have no one sitting beside me now. its hard to accept reality but i need to be happy for her. its her and the gurls communicate everyday with her thru mails and sms-es..

2) Safariniey on off to work. her dad still in the hospital. poor gurl. she's not feeling well (having sore throat and cough. asked her to go for check up and she did. but tak plak mintak MC. ish budak ni..)

3) Tasha on leave for 3 days last week. work from home mom. she have issues with her babysitter. still finding for solution till now. i hope she'll find one soon.

4) Azida being very patient with me. listening to my whining about my office situation every single day. poor her. i owe u dear..huhu..

5) Me? i'm wishing for some good changes. i pray that this pain will go away soon. pls dear God, help me go through this tough time. aminn..


MIK'YAL said...

what a sad plain boring week rite after dar left..hg pulak posa lg laa slow motion..perasaan pun bluesssss jaaa..

kita semua di rundung duka.what a bad week !!!!

tkpa pasni sinar akan tiba..suria pasti ada..ecewah !!

Nuruli said...


MYA Story said...

Ciannya.. what a lonely day at work! Takpa2..try listen to the music, surf internet( cari resepi, gossip artis(i loike) , blogging),pi kacau k min, ..pehh apa lagi.. lepak cafe, kemas meja.. OMG.. apa lagi.. huuhhuh..cianya.


didirinie said...

hurm..i sedey ngn situasi di ofis skg..
mcm dah kena jinx lak since im gone..wuaaaaaaa
i miss u all...i miss the bubbliness in u girls..
owh i miss bubbles too!!!

kucinbelemoih said...

best la kami kol u ari ni. wiwiwiwi..

MIK'YAL said...

tp ada jugak tak besh..piring satelit astro berlegar di zon tidak selamat..heheheh

kucinbelemoih said...

kekekekeke..lawak la hg ni tasha. takpa, kita dah syiok dah cakap dgn dia.

Finy said...

sarafiniey, ...bila masa safarinie...
tak pa...tak next week wil be back to normal..
hopefully he'll be fine

kucinbelemoih said...

aminn..mintak2 pak mat noor sihat cepat..