Saturday, August 29, 2009

meow? sniff sniff..♥♥♥

Bubbles ada satu peel where she loves to play I'm-a-kitty-living-in-a-cave game. she will snug herself under the comforter and stay there as if its her home/cave and that's her territory. sometimes she even fell asleep under it. so, to avoid from crushing her during sleep, Azida bought Bewls her own tent. can't remember the price but buleh tahan la for that size punya tent. kitty punya plak tu. mmg depa ni buat duit sungguh lah..ops, terbeletiaq la plak..anyways, here's some pics of Bewls first time mingling with her new tent..

the blue thingy is a mousie tied to the tent..

there's Mr. Mousie and Mr Ball..both tied to the tent..if not, tah mana2 la nanti benda ni ilang secara magicnya..heheh..

and here's Bewls sniffing her new red and yellow tent..hope you loike your new toy baby Bewls..


MIK'YAL said...

aku suka sgt tent ini.sgt comey !! aku nk cari jugak lah tent utk indah.,mesti dia excited dok merangkak dlm tu..mak dia pn nak join jugak main dlm tu..HAHHAHAHA..

kucinbelemoih said...

aku agak dah. bkn Indah ja syok main nanti, mama ngan abah dia pown join 4 kaki. muehehehehe..