Wednesday, August 12, 2009

last week and this week have been very depressing. i can't think straight. came to work like a zombie. going back time is the best time as for now. i think i am PMS-ing. i am very emotional and i got to know i have hurt some people feelings. here i would like to extend my apology to everybody. sorry for the words or actions i've done. sorry for not being a good friend or a good colleague or even a good person. my deepest apology to the person or people who feels i'm saying bad things or making bad judgments about them or their friends. i admit it, i am emotional. i didn't think twice when i talk or even when i'm writing. if any one have been hurt because of my words or actions, i am so sorry. this would be a lesson for me to control my feelings and emotions.
I'm sorry.


didirinie said...

dont be too sedey..
cheer up dear ;)

kucinbelemoih said...

trying..its ok. i'll survive..

j1da said...

im going to strangle that malay mother****** yang cari pasai dgn u tu!

just when the newspapers have been highlighting, "melayu pengkhianat". whadda ya know,we have one pompuan melayu jugak yang dok cucuk api bagi melayu lain fight dgn bangsa lain.

MIK'YAL said...

lets bygone be bygone..kami semua support hg all d way..u know that ;-)

be careful nxt time as they are so many PHD ppl around us..demit!

Photo Journey & Dapur & Oven said...

Farah.. Jeri mintak maaf psl komen aritu ye.. Jeri pun sedikit emo aritu. Tak der niat pun nak buat org kecik hati. Sory kepada yang terasa... sorry sesangat ye Farah... :)