Thursday, August 19, 2010

♥♥♥ 3 budak sourcing ♥♥♥

**the not so very happily ever after fairy tale..**

Once, there were 3 gurls name Dar, Finy and Farah. They're best friends and work in the same department. Everyday they see each other at work, sometimes even on the weekends.

Farah sat next to Dar in the office. Finy sat on the opposite row from Farah and Dar. They do most everything together. They went to lunch together, surau together..even in meeting room, they would squeeze to sit close to each other.

One day, Dar got an offer from UM for financial exec position. She took the job and left after 1 month notice. It's sad seeing her leave but it is for her own future and the 3 of them promised to keep in touch.

Then, left Farah and Finy, still hanging arond. They made a joke that they will resign together one day. haha..if only words can be real..

Today, Finy is resigning too..leaving Farah alone. hmm, time goes by without us realizing it.

i miss our old times together. KL, Langkawi, 1926 Hotel and other fun things we did together. hope our friendship remains forever. can't wait to get together again for another memorable sweet memories with you gurls.. ♥♥

Monday, August 9, 2010

♥♥♥ Bubblelicious & Pepperlicious ♥♥♥

activity Bewls n Pepps siang tadi. apalagi tak lain tak bukan, TIDOQ..tho I woke up early and went to workshop hantaq Miss Goldie , breakfast date ngan Uda and p carwash, I don't feel like joining the gurls..

ni ha piccas depa tgh zzzzzzzzz...

Bubbles tidoq curl blkg woofer. volume tv pun x brani nak bukak kuat2 coz kesian takut dia terkejut nanti. dah la depa tidoq style x jerap. sat2 telinga gerak2, mimpi apala gamaknya..

Pepper plak mai tidoq ataih sofa. dia pun letak kepala ataih bantal kecik. blajaq dari Bubbles lani. hehe..tapi dia x tidoq lama kat sini sbb I tak tahan, kacau dia tidoq. hehe..

cayang Bubblelicious ngan Pepperlicious...!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

♥♥♥ MATA bertemu MATA ♥♥♥

no comment. hahahaha...

TASHA & BIMBS : this is for your gurls!!! tra la la la la...♥♥♥

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Semalam adalah ari yang langsung tak efficient. keja mmg ada but excel slalu hanged. ya la, pc saya kat ofis tu dah layak jadi tukun ikan laut bebas dah pun. hmm, sakitnya ati! huhu, ini adalah muka poyos saya sbb boring tunggu excel saya yang lembab cam siput sedut. dang u excel! huhu. nampak mata saya yang sembam tu? (hasil dari tak cukup tidoq dan menguap non-stop sepanjang ari). jadi tadi siang saya buat ucapan kepada diri sendiri. farah, tidoq awai mlm ni. esok nak kena bgn awai n tidak buleh laloq lagi di ofis. but look at me, i'm updating my blog at 1 in the morning. huhu! teruk nih...

~ owh, tak sabarnya nak tunggu sabtu ni. tra la la la la..~

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

errr...should i be scared? hehe..