Friday, August 28, 2009

1, 2, 3..SuRpRiSeeeeee!!! ♥♥♥

Owh my God! I can't believe this..I didn't update the birthday bash azida n k/wana??!!! how can it be?? the ultimate birthday bash ever in my gang and i forgot to update it??? what's wrong with me?? am i having some memory lost or whutnot??? dang, my bad this time. my mind was too occupied with unnecessary stuffs i guess. so, here's some updates of the ultimate birthday bash 2009 (for now la kan..hehe)

first plan was to have the surprise partay at 1926 hotel. we planned this surprise about a month before the day so some of us happen to spill some of the important info to the bday gurls. to cut story short, we make a decoy bday bash a day earlier at Pizza Hut, Giant. Finy, Dar and myself went to Infineon to fetch the bday gurls during lunch time. they didn't expect anything. the rest of the gang went to Pizza Hut earlier to get everything ready.

as we reached the parking lot, i was so afraid that the gurls (azida n k/wana) saw k/za's car. luckily none of us did. haha..we went straight to Pizza as me and the rest are acting like we're hungry like crazee at that time. as we entered Pizza Hut, the gang shouted 'SuRpRiSeeeee' to the bday gurls. they were shocked i tell you. was a great moment coz God knows how difficult we tried to cover up our plan. huhu..ponin kepala bila igt balik..

anyways, here's some of the pics taken that day..

bday gurls blowing their candle..look at the flowers. those are from us to each of them. cute eh?? as usual k/wana would do her own pose by looking at the opposite direction from what had been told to her..azida ja ya2 act blowing her candle..haha!

they were thrilled getting their gift but in their mind, whuts this? i thot i've given other hints to them..why the wrapping like this??? well, we purposely change the gifts to one another. the blue paper bag is for k/wana and the gold wrapping is for azida..hah, we got you gurls rite??? hihi..

happy faces! glad you gurls love the pressie. k/wana's pressie is a cupcakes holder. she's been eying that thing for quite sometime. azida's pressie is scrabble. we definitely gonna play it babe.

group photos for the day. owh, btw..theme for that day is purple, white and pink. best dressed up for the day is no other than Miss Sherry Jacob. rock lah k/sherry..!!

bday gurls posing in front of Pizza Hut. notice k/wana's shirt has changed. k/ina brought her the purple shirt, you follow our theme that day. then she changed back to her brown shirt after everything finish..

the next day we went to 1926 hotel to celebrate the real surprise bday bash for the gurls. but of coz they didn't know. if not, it won't be a surprise partay, rite..? k/min and family, k/ina, k/za and tasha and family had gone there to check in first. however bday gurls didn't know that all of the gang is going that day. i went there with finy, dar and azida. on the way there, we had a technical problem and we had to make slight upgrade to our plan. we blindfolded azida to cover up the venue of the hotel. here's the pics of her in the blindfold..its actually her idea anyways, we only make her wish came true. hahah..

apek jaga depan ada longkang..lompat! lompat! lompat apek lompat!!

we did it!! we managed to get her in the room without making her fall into the drain. hahaha!!

look at the happy face. that's why we leave her like that for awhile..heheh..

then the gang came and crush the room. hehe..we didn't get the chance to snap any pic (i think) coz of the chaos and screaming we make at that, bday gurl no.1 settle..waiting for bday gurl no.2 to arrive..

indah also excited waiting for k/wana's arrival. everybody is getting ready to shout 'SuRpRiSeeee'..

the kalut gang heading to k/wana's room..shhh, keep quite. we don't want her to hear our giggles..notice k/min is not in the pic. she's in her room. trying to put fahim to sleep.

knock knock! "room service.." we asked nae to act as a room service guy..then, surpriseeee!! k/wana jumped when she saw all of us in front of her door room. hehe..she really didn't got a clue we're there to surprise her...thanks to reza for his excellent acting. bravo!

group pic in front of k/wana's room. look at k/min and her baju kelawaq. hehe..each time preggy, baju kelawaq wajib kena ada..hehe..

that nite, we gave the gurls the last surprise. pool side private bbq dinner!! they were sooooo damn shocked! gosh, it was a relief and bliss to see their unbelievable faces..hehe, you gurls deserve it..after years being the mastermind for surprise parties, this time we actually get to surprise you gurls..

the pool side view scenery at nite..nice eh?

bday gurls that nite..azida and azwana..happy faces..

fahim with his favorite hat. he has the cutest baby boy voice i've ever heard..

the bbq buffet was excellent. tho the meat was quite hard..owh btw, this is what we call 'activity menapau'..hehe..

group pic!! geng batak + geng bas sekolah..only missing miss sherry jacob in the pic..

here's our most sporting and professional cameraman. without him there would be no beautiful pictures of us..(chewah, ayat membodek tahap dewa dewi nih..heheh..) thanks nae, jasamu dikenang..pasni kami blanja burger a&w naa..

best male actor goes to rezaaaa!!! he did an excellent job covering our plans from k/wana. btw, look at indah. this is the 1st time she met reza but she already clinging and talking to him. i think she felt save with reza..hehe..

last pic. the rest of the gang had gone home. we were the last to leave the hotel. everybody's smiling and feeling that feeling..

love you all so much..may God bless our friendship forever and ever..


aLs said...

woww..nice! hehe.. seronok btul dpt spend time dgn gang camni lagi.. :')

MYA Story said...

Farah D,
Terkezut a'kak ..ingat ada lagik surprise party..heheh.. Thanks Farah and the was an enjoyable and terrific moment I had. Awesome guys! Muaahh muuaaahh mmuaahh.. raya nie nak pakailah cupcake standing tu..selain cupcakes, benda2 lain pun bleh letak buat lah!!!I'm proud to have it!


j1da said...

thank u,mimmiuw :D

and thank u suma2 lah !!


mula2...igt nk kutuk kow2 la pasai lmbt update..dh basi..
tp bila scroll bawah lg, tgk2 ada gmbq kami n credits kat kami..troih nak puji entry ni..
berikut adalah pujian :~

"owhh bestnya geng2 depa ni..selalu celebrate birthday kawan2..meriahnya depa, siap bg hadiah, makan kat pizza semua cukup..best2!"


MIK'YAL said...

weh..hg ni org dh sampai london hg baru kat kota sarang mesti kes dok belek folder gambaq ..pastu baru tringat nk taruk..HAHHAHA..

tis is the best moments ever !!
suka sgt sb smua ada tp kpah ja tadak..besa lah artis..BZ you!!

kucinbelemoih said...

yaaaa...spending time with friends, family..thats the best moments ever. tho this post dah ada spora (lmbt sgt update) akan tetapi kenangan indah ini takkan dilupakan. chewahh..ayat jiwang di tgh ari Jumaat yg hening dikala ujan mencurah lebat.

**teringat kat roti teloq yg mkn tak abih time soq td. wuwuwuwu..**

didirinie said...

bila nk seprise lg? wuwuwu

kucinbelemoih said...

didirinie..u blk la Penang. kita wat surprise sama2 kita nak? hihihi...