Wednesday, April 25, 2012


me mish my soul mate, Bimbs...huhuhu...this is the only picture we took (only the 2 of us) during Didirinie's wedding day...looking forward to meet u this wiken..  =)


I'm having a semi-panic attack. My boss is resigning soon..her last day is on May 8th..we were told we're gonna be assigned under new boss. Another lady boss..but that's not my far, my previous and current lady boss is very caring and understanding...but my future lady boss, aiyooo...not so caring and understanding, that's what I heard..

adoi la..camna ni...mati la aku..huhu...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

tak tipu tapi cuma tak ckp betoi ja..

Dah lama x update blog..mlm ni tetiba terdetik nak update blog yg dah lama bersawang ni..but just a short update ja la..coz my dearest tuan tanah dah masuk dapoq nak start masak dah..I need to help her la kan..

anyway, 1st update utk tahun 2012...


ok, tu ja..sekian!