Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday blues..

it was a hard morning. very very hard..its like i've been force to go to a combat field. went out from my parents house around 7.15am. reached CMY at 8.09am..melentè dlm keta pakai socks and shoes. walk to the scanning machine jadik, if only I can EL today. but keja ada few yg tak siap. come on Farah, you can do this!

reach my desk and nobody beside my place anymore..Didirinie, we miss you gurl..Finy pun takmai keja today. sian dia, daddy dia tak sihat. Insya-Allah he'll be fine. you be strong gurl..

it's already 10.10am..I'm still sleepy and bored tahap dewa dewi. GOSH, how I wish I could go home and sleep. this is killing me, the work, the loneliness, the environment, the smell of certain people here (penyu owh penyu, kenapa hang busuk sgt ha???!! pening bau hang tau dak???!!!) darn it! I should just EL today! huhu..


Didirinie said...

Didirinie here...
adoi la..MISS YOU ALL too !!!!!!

kucinbelemoih said...

wuwuwuwuuuuu...Didirinie, kami sumua windu kamu. wuwuwuwu...xdak sapa dah nak pakai lotion wangi sebelah i. asyik bau "lotion" busuk mereka sahaja..fenin laa..