Friday, November 20, 2015

yellow bloggy blog!!!

It's been so long since my last update.
Dah bersawang dah pun. Mau beribu spiders beranak pinak kat blog ni..

Maybe lani bukan zaman blog makin malas la nak menyonteng kat sini..
Anyways, lot's have changed these few going to expand..naaaahhh, not from my side laaa..hehe..I'm getting a sister in law sya Allah..

My sister dah abih SPM last year..she's now in form six. Hopefully she'll be in Uni after sya Allah...Hope she can really focus on her studies..

Mommy Daddy is busy nowadays..preparing for the wedding. It's their very 1st wedding in the family, so everything should be purfect..I've been appointed as Wedding Manager on the event day. Fuhh...berat jugak rasanya task tu. Risau jugak kalau2 terbuat salah on the biGG day. hehe..

Friends...well, friends come and go. Some are good for life, some are just memories..good or bad, let's make it as a peringatan (I seem to forget what's peringatan is in English) God knows better. I pray for their happiness..i truly do.

For me, well..i've changed car, job, hair styles, my tahap kerabunan (power mata) and the most significant changes...MY WEIGHT!!! (cry me the river now!) let's not go there..this post will be as basic as can's 00.15 for God's sake!

hmm...what else..hmm, kitties are doing great, alhamdulillah..there's more stray cats joined the, a group of cats called clowders (said mr internet) bf said i should called them a school of cats (coz they are pretty smart..well, she got that rite! haha..) lemme named those strays here..well, there's Elsa, Rosie, Grey, Spot, Max, Boo, Debe, Nicky and Salem..some of them just stop coming..i wonder where would they be? i really hope they are in good hands..if not, they'll be with their Creator..that's the best place for them.

owh, i went to ITALY and AUSTRIA in April 2015!!! will update that when i have of the BEST time in my LIFE! thank you Ma and Ayah..for all the support you guys gave me for the trip. and ofcoz my bf, atita..and infineon. hahahah!!!

olrite, time for bed. esok mau bangun awal. last day of work. sabtew saya coti! whoot whoot!!!

* i miss the other strays who might be missing or been adopted or probably dead by now..Mimi, Minnie, Scooby and some of them I might have forgotten their names..i love u all..RIP dear babies...

** i am making a wish right now..for my family, my bf and myself..please dear God, hear my prayers..hopefully all great things will come sya Allah..

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ollo me wow yewwww???

Dah setahun tak update blog ni..
ada kawan tanya, dah berkuboq ka bloq kucin belemoih ni?
ehehehe, tak la..cuma setahun ilang arah malas nak mampos nak update blog.
ilang inspirasi la kunun..muahahaha!!!

dlm kepala mmg byk story mory nak disimbah kat blog ni..but not tonight.
tatkala keja ofis yang melambak2 meruntun jiwa tidoq pun mimpi ngeri sangat lah tak seswai nak karang blog nak ganti balik setahun punya cita...
kalo gagah jugak nak update segala, pakai esok bos haku tukaq jadik *banshee la...

so tonite, lets just update 1 post regarding current situation..
baru sgt jadi.

bersin bersin bersin..

gatal mata since siang tadi sampai kena bukak lens tak tahan dok tonyoh mata..
risau jugak asik sgt tonyoh nanti lingkup bijik mata ni mana nak ganti woiiii...

now tgh dok pikiaq nak telan ubat allergic ka tak.. kalo telan lani, pakai payah la nak bgn pagi satni p keja..(saya ni tak tahan ubat, mkn panadol pun boleh weng mengantuk kadang2 tu...haish la...)

takpa, as of now mari pulun buat keja sikit lagi. pastu p la la land..
In sya Allah takyah telan obat..

love. peace. lust..(tetiba ja lust..hahahaha...)

*nota kaki :
Banshees are a type of vapour. They are the vengeful ghosts of insane women.
Banshees are most famous for their wailing, noise-making, and creepy singing. However, they also have powers related to controlling the air and weather as well as psychological abilities to manipulate and unhinge mortal minds.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Bloody Friday

Hari ni adalah salah satu hari yang betul2 buat aku rasa useless. Rasa sedih sgt. I wanted to cry but theres no tears in my eyes..
Maybe this is for the best...

I need to be strong. Tuhan takkan uji seseorang melebihi kemampuan diri org tu. Hidup mesti diteruskan.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


me mish my soul mate, Bimbs...huhuhu...this is the only picture we took (only the 2 of us) during Didirinie's wedding day...looking forward to meet u this wiken..  =)


I'm having a semi-panic attack. My boss is resigning soon..her last day is on May 8th..we were told we're gonna be assigned under new boss. Another lady boss..but that's not my far, my previous and current lady boss is very caring and understanding...but my future lady boss, aiyooo...not so caring and understanding, that's what I heard..

adoi la..camna ni...mati la aku..huhu...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

tak tipu tapi cuma tak ckp betoi ja..

Dah lama x update blog..mlm ni tetiba terdetik nak update blog yg dah lama bersawang ni..but just a short update ja la..coz my dearest tuan tanah dah masuk dapoq nak start masak dah..I need to help her la kan..

anyway, 1st update utk tahun 2012...


ok, tu ja..sekian!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

dia tanya...

last week Uda sms...kenapa dah lama tak update blog..?
senang ja aku jwb..sbb aku rindu kat hang. hehehe...

nah, aku dah update. puaih ati ko Uda?? :P