Thursday, August 19, 2010

♥♥♥ 3 budak sourcing ♥♥♥

**the not so very happily ever after fairy tale..**

Once, there were 3 gurls name Dar, Finy and Farah. They're best friends and work in the same department. Everyday they see each other at work, sometimes even on the weekends.

Farah sat next to Dar in the office. Finy sat on the opposite row from Farah and Dar. They do most everything together. They went to lunch together, surau together..even in meeting room, they would squeeze to sit close to each other.

One day, Dar got an offer from UM for financial exec position. She took the job and left after 1 month notice. It's sad seeing her leave but it is for her own future and the 3 of them promised to keep in touch.

Then, left Farah and Finy, still hanging arond. They made a joke that they will resign together one day. haha..if only words can be real..

Today, Finy is resigning too..leaving Farah alone. hmm, time goes by without us realizing it.

i miss our old times together. KL, Langkawi, 1926 Hotel and other fun things we did together. hope our friendship remains forever. can't wait to get together again for another memorable sweet memories with you gurls.. ♥♥


MIK'YAL said...

sob sob sob..sedih nya :-(
ppl come , ppl go but true bonding will remains !

cheers !

kucinbelemoih said...

tu la. hg pun nanti jgn lost contact ngan kami tau. sob sob sob!

cheer jgk!

Photo Journey & Dapur & Oven said...

SEmua nak tinggal Farah dh kan... sob sob sob.. sedihla plak rasa. Teringat time resign dulu, punyalah nangis tak ingat sampai bengkak mata. hehehe. Tak per Farah, nnti ur turn la plak bertukar kerja.

kucinbelemoih said...

Jerry : tu la, rezeki masing2. xpa, i kuat. leh survive. insya-Allah. hehe..

Finy said...

sob sob sob...huhu..nak gheyau ni...fren forever beb!

kucinbelemoih said... jgn babe..nanti wa pun gheyau sama. sob sob!

Finy said...

aaarrrghh..dah tgk full story plus pics...sedihnya.....huahuahua..fren forever! fren forever!

Anonymous said...

jgn sedih2 na..meh sini aku wat lawak kat hang..


kucinbelemoih said...

bimbs : syiok ah jumpa ang sabtu sudah. bila lagi bley ketemu dong?

lin kampo : ang pun sama..lama sungguh menyepi tanpa kabar. chewah ayat jiwang aku! hahaha..bila mau mai cni daa?

Finy said...

nx week,,,nx week