Monday, March 9, 2009

biya's birthday dinner..

just our little usual, she's wearing PINK..her fav color. take a look at her earings. bought by my mom. suka sgt la tu..

my mom bought a small cake for her coz she knw we'll be full by dessert the way, the cake have a barbie picture on it. punya la..ish..

biya's present from me and hasanal. the flower is from aliya (hasanal's gf..) thanks aliya..!

my bro, birthday girl and me! look how chubby i am. my siblings slim shady is so cruel..

biya with daddy..anak ayah ni. semua nak ayah buatkan. sabaq ja la..heh.. mind my dad's eyes are usually like that in photo's..he's not sleepy tho. hehe..

picture taken outside of the's pic with biya inside sgt blurry. tatau la pasepa..

our croc's! hahahaha..we are the gediks gang. gagah snap pic camni..

gedik lagi skali. the shop already closed for the day. kami pun mula lah menggediks..

by the end of the nite,everybody is sleepy. reached home around 11 something. nite mom, dad, hasanal n u all..ZZzzZZzzZZzzz...

ni gambaq the next morning. birthday girl with her presents..


Anonymous said...

11 something dah tido... yaka.... ? cam tak caya jer... :D

kucinbelemoih said...

huish,betui.letih punya pasai kena tidoq awai.heheheh..esok bgn lambat gak.hahahaha...