Friday, March 6, 2009

Amylia Hafawati a.k.a Biya

Lil Sis..which is so not lil anymore. standard 6 this year. but she still sgt manja (but not up to a spoil brat) esp with my parents and her big brother. with me..hurm,quite manja jgk. just that i tried to be strict with her lately. this year she's going to have her UPSR. she just finish her quarterly exam yesterday. as for now, BM Penulisan is A. Alhamdulillah..hope to see more A's for other papers.
it's her birthday today March 6. my mom was asking her what she want for her birthday. she just said, surprise me! hmm..i wonder if my parents can be creative again this time.

i still didn't find her a gift. i am so tempted to buy her a game boy or PSP but like i's her biGG year. i can't risk her future with benda yg melalaikan. tomorrow morning baru nak kluaq dgn my bro cari something yg kurang melalaikan. hehe..tatau la apakah bendanya itu.

so dear lil sis..Happy Birthday, sayang. Along love you so much. study smart for your UPSR. take care or your health. tamau sakit² dah. be a good person. live life to the most, as a good girl ofcoz..! make us proud, regardless for the little or big things u're gona do..we'll love you unconditionally and support you in your decision making.. (some of the things here are meant for her future future future future birthday..hehe..) semayang jgn tinggai. if you remember God, He will surely won't left you out.

Have a very Happy Birthday and Good Luck for your coming UPSR..!!!

muaxxhh muaxxhh..

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Anonymous said...

Happy BirthDay Biya !!!

All the best and Good Luck on your exam !