Saturday, December 27, 2008

what a day!

Can't believe my first blog would be about the day i got a plain day lite!!!

i was closing the gate of a dear friend's and suddenly this guy came near my car out of no where and opened the passenger door and took my lovely leather polo santa barbara handbag.

in it i've got my...:
  • wallet
  • cash..tons of cash from my car subsidy which i took yesterday
  • nikon digital camera along with the pics from my family trip to medan
  • my loyal guns..(my phones!!!)
  • my make-up kit bag..(i just bought a lovely Revlon lipstick -cream sandalwood beige #240)
  • my company badge, IC, driving license, ATM card -lucky i don't own any credit card
  • my cute thumby
total loss :1 month pay

went for police report 1 hour rained suddenly as if it knows my sorrow.
called daddy and told him the whole usual,daddy was so cool.he tried to calm me down. tomorrow need to do new IC,driving license and Maybank card..tak pasai²kena buat benda² ni.huhu..)

i didn't went back to my parents house hands still shaking from the incident.
now..i'm wathing House Bunny with my friends. just to take my mind off the issue.tomorrow need to get up early to take pic for the new IC.need to ensure my eyes won't be like a 'panda eyes'.


MIK'YAL said...

sian hang..takpa ada hikmah tu.tuptup dpt blk those ic,license etc. whut a small least hg selamat..

j1da said...

wehs? xkan 1 entry ja kowt..?

kucinbelemoih said...

tu la kan Pingu..aku lega dpt blk benda² penting tu.takpa, pasni p bayaq zakat.hehe..

mood xdak la nak post byk² entry.heheh..