Tuesday, November 2, 2010


dang! terus rasa menyampah nak tgk ANTM dah! tho it's been 2 years since the incident, I still feel bluergghhhh...!!! apa kes tyra ni? cis!!!

Twilight on Tyra Show: Robert Pattinson bites Tyra Banks

They were actually kidding, of course (at least that's what it looks like). In one of Robert Pattinson's many television appearances the past week to drum up more interest (as if they need it) for the movie "Twilight", he guested on the Tyra Banks show together with co-star Taylor Lautner. In the course of their interview, Tyra asked Pattinson to bite her. When a seemingly surprised Robert Pattinson asked her where, she replied, "On my neck!" With the predominantly female audience roaring in applause (and envy) Tyra repeated her request, to which Pattinson asked, "Are you absolutely sure?" "I'm serious," was Tyra's reply. And then it happened. As the audience cheered, Robert Pattinson slowly approached a ready Tyra Banks, offering her neck to the Twilight actor. Did he really bite her? Well, it looked like he really did because it left quite a mark on the the host's neck which she then referred to a the hickey Robert Pattinson gave her. And it looked like she really enjoyed it.


Finy said...

bengang la ni kan??

kucinbelemoih said...

huh! rasa cam nak lempang laju2..!

MIK'YAL said...

hahahahahahahah..aku syiok !

kucinbelemoih said...

PINGU!!! kojaqqq...aku x suker tau..(tiba² ckp mood ngada plak dah...hehe..)