Thursday, April 15, 2010


today sangat BORING kat ofis. this whole week been helping finy to assign IR Request (its work thingy) to the team. Thailand still on holiday (good for them). so, i got plenty of time to play around. but...i can't browse anything (coz my beloved management had requested the IT team to blocked every single thing..from blogs, youtube, gossip blogs to facebook). i even walk here and there (one parking area to another parking area, toilet, mart, surau, HR) to waste time. ada ka?? ish..still..nothing else to do. huhu..

can't wait for tomorrow..its fridae...!!! yeah, my misery will end (i hope). next week, will be a new chapter in my life. hope i have things to do (besides walking here and there, wasting time belek-ing my face using my small mirror -hey, i'm jsut a gurl oke..hehe..)

anyways, Peppy (or her new nick name Peppsy) just finished her heat cycle (its her 1st heat cycle for this year). now its Bewls turn. adoy la..umah ni sentiasa ada bunyik lah. sampai dlm tidoq pown buleh terdengaq2 ngeow ngeow ngeow..heheh..but i don't mind, coz i love them. tu la kan, kata org..kalo dah sayang tu, buat lah apa pun..semua kita buleh accept. (jiwang la plak..)

need more rest, less tv n internet. tonite tidoq awai. heheh..

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